Lisa Mafia was diagnosed with cervical cancer because she asked fans to get a smear test

Liza Mafia has revealed that she has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

The 41-year-old singer broke the news to fans on Instagram as she headed to a hospital for a colposcopy appointment.

“I never miss a smear and unfortunately I get cervical cancer,” he told his followers. “So now I’m more careful.

“It’s just memorable to anyone who probably forgot to check it out!

“It’s not a game,” he pleaded.

That’s why solid star Lisa Mafia has been diagnosed with uterine cancer

After the hospital appointment, a sensitive Lisa returned to Instagram where she said she had been ‘petrified’ but the process was ‘quick and easy’.

Lisa explained that her mother was battling terminal cervical cancer at the center of the incident.

Speaking from the car, Lisa told her followers, “Just as I came out you can see I was really bad …”

She continued tearfully: “My mother has uterine cancer, terminal cancer, so every time I had to do this – to test my cells for the third time – it made me absolutely petrified.”

The former Solid Crew member said he wants to share his news with fans to keep others updated with their smear tests and to encourage them to ‘be aware of your health in general’.

“It could happen to anyone,” the brave star said.

A tearful Lisa opened up about the cancer diagnosis in her car as she encouraged others to pay attention to their health.

He ended the self-recorded message by assuring fans that he was doing the right thing.

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Like MC Harvey and Romeo in the early 2000s, Lisa gained a reputation as a major female member of the Solid Crew.

In 2001, the Platinum single sold 21 seconds and hit five top 20.

A year later, they won two British Video Awards as well as two Mobo at the 2002 BRIIT Awards.

Lisa, who was the mother of daughter Chelsea, then achieved success as a solo singer and her track All Over also reached Platinum in 2003.

Lisa gained a reputation as a member of the Sol Solid crew in the early 2000s

Solid Cray at the Mobo Awards, London Arena.
Lisa and So Solid Crew at the 2001 MOBO Awards

In 2019 Lisa took part in ITV All New Full Monte where she did a strip-tease with several celebrities to help raise cancer awareness.

Lisa said she was inspired to take part by watching her mother fight cancer.

He recalled how his mother had been testing her smear for five years without realizing that the disease had spread throughout her body.

“My mother had her smear test for five years and in five years it had spread to her lymph node gland, collar bone, all parts of her uterus,” he told AiniNews.

“She didn’t feel anything until she diagnosed it. The moment she knew it, it tore her apart.”

Lisa took part in ITV’s All New Monty Ladies Night to raise awareness

Talking about Luz Women, Lisa said that her mother was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011 and was initially told that she had ‘six months to live’.

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He killed it but the cancer returned eight years later.

“It came back perfectly and he’s fighting it again now. He’s fighting, fighting cancer,” Lisa told the panel.

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