Lineage 2M – Edition from Lineage 2M Lance occidenttale sur Mobile and PC (via Purple)

Nearly two years after the South Korean version, MMORPG Lineage 2M is finally launching in the West. The game is distributed in free-to-play and cross-play on mobile platforms and PCs via Purple Space.

As we know when it was launched in Korea in 2019, Lineage 2M was intended to supersede the original version of lineage 2 on mobile platform. Lineage 2M therefore takes the codes of its predecessor and promises to immerse players in a vast 3D world and rely exclusively on gameplay mechanics based on massive fortress siege – the MMORPG promises open world combat Which can bring together up to 10,000 characters.

LineageOS 2M is now officially launching in the West and quite classically, this Western launch is accompanied by a long series of in-game events: until December 14th, players will have access to a number of special in-game missions (more or less accessible). ) that allow you to unlock rewards that will help you take your first steps in the game.
And if Lineage 2M is distributed free-to-play (the client can be downloaded for free), ncsoft once again announced the launch of the first battle pass (Eden Pass) allows you to unlock rewards as you progress.

But we probably remember more specifically that if Lineage 2M is explicitly distributed on a mobile platform (its parent platform), it is also distributed on PC via Purple, NCsoft’s cross-gaming platform – So that players mobile and PC share the same server and you can find your character on PC at home or on mobile on the go. Ultimately, all of NCsoft’s games are intended to be distributed globally through Purple, and so LineageOS 2M is the first step in this process — especially pending launch. Lineage W Expected in the coming weeks.

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