Limbo: The Hell of Immigration According to Ben Sharrock

limboBy Scotsman Ben Sharrock, the madman has chosen Absardistan to condemn a dark reality of our land: the forced immigration of many humans, trapped in an unknown, if not hostile, land.

summary limbo , A group of asylum seekers await their fate on a small fishing island in Scotland. Facing crazy residents and awkward situations, everyone clings to the promise of a better life. Among them is also a young Syrian musician Omar, who wherever he goes, carries the instrument given to him by his grandfather.

the strangers

limbo There’s a comedy that doesn’t always make us laugh. Ben Sharrock, a young Edinburgh filmmaker, whose second film, with tormented characters clinging to refugees standing on a distant Scottish island, is actually in limbo in the title, waiting for the holy grail of immigration. . , or vice versa. The obligation to leave British territory. There was nothing comical then, and still, very lighthearted.

The protagonist Omar (Amir al-Masri), a Syrian refugee, is a talented musician from his home country, whose family is divided between Syria, Istanbul and Scotland according to occasion. That is the dark side of this group of careless migrants. When misfortune plagues her friends with episodes of Friend Or take part in a karaoke contest in this isolated area, far from everything, Omar asks on the contrary, murmuring, what’s strange about his position. Because such is Sharrock’s film: situation comedy that sometimes goes hand in hand with unbearable gravity.

Some directing or staging biases are reminiscent of Aki Kaurismaki. The political side of Ben Sharrock’s subject matter, his penchant for a certain poise in composing his scenes, the inadequacy of his small troupe to the customs of the “host” country, everything that calls to mind the eccentric Finn, and all that. Some have respect for the young Scott, who doesn’t forget his style.

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limbo Crossed over by many disciplines. Racism of course, but also its consequences, so to speak, as with this cowboy who, without prejudice, but with curiosity, in a word welcomes Omar with humanity. But there are also topics like resilience or friendship. Contrary to what one might imagine, the film is not a succession of sketches one after the other addressing its various aspects. In contrast, characters develop in a coherent continuum.With flashbacks to an earlier life, and each of his decisions is actually linked to a past life, the hardships and sufferings that make the image of the refugees contrast with the stereotypes and prejudices of the residents.

limbo There is a good mix of pictures and dialogues. The film is very visual set amidst very isolated spectacular scenes. Some scenes are almost on, which murmurs around a telephone box, waiting for the postman to arrive, with news that we both fear and hope for, and even the homesickness. as well. Refugees: During the long shots attuned to the cultures abandoned by the excellent Sidse Babette Knudsen (Borgen) the course, or vice versa accused of each other’s boredom on the carpet or on their bed.

but limbo The dialogues, the exchanges, the memories of these people even moving towards the end of a continent that doesn’t always want them. The film is rather silent, and the words are as transparent as they are full of meaning. Like the rest of their tough existence, we save words, and we prefer to communicate well with a look or a smile.

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A successful mix of social realities rarely portrayed, and poetry of the absurd, limbo There is a serious and light film which would be wrong to ignore, from a filmmaker which we now have to follow closely.

Limbo – Trailer

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Limbo – Technical Sheet

Original Title: Limbo
Director: Ben Sharrock
Screenplay: Ben Sharrock

Cast: Sidsey Babette Knudsen (Helga), Kenneth Collard (Boris), Amir al-Masri (Omar), Vikas Bhai (Farhad), Ola Orebiyi (Wasef), Kwabena Ansah (Abedi), Sodien Ojewui (Hamad), Cameron Fulton ( Plug), Louise Gribben (Stevie), Sylvie Furnex (Cheryl), Iona Elizabeth Thomson (Tia)
Photography: Nick Cook
Editing: Karel Dolak, Lucia Zucchetti
Music: Hutch Demouilpied
Producers: Lizzie Franke, Irune Gurtubai, Angus Lamonte
Production companies: Caravan Cinema, British Film Institute
Distribution (France): L’Atelier Distribution
Awards: Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay at BAFTA Scotland 2021
Duration: 104 minutes.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release date: May 04, 2022
United Kingdom – 2020

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