Life is not possible in the clouds of Venus

The clouds of sulfuric acid that surround Venus are even more inhospitable than astronomers could imagine. Poor in water and full of acid, life has no chance to survive there. But, the situation could be different from Jupiter’s side…

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[EN VIDÉO] Discovery of life on Venus?
A molecule called phosphine has been discovered in the atmosphere of Venus… this is the first detection of a possible sign of life on the planet!

throughout the universe and even more so in our Solar systemScientists are searching marks of life. especially where they doubt that water liquid may drown. Or is it still flowing… In this regard, researchers of Queen’s University Belfast (Ireland) Today our attention is drawn to the fact that what really matters is not just the amount of water present, but the actual concentration molecules The amount of water available for biological use.

This work was inspired by the discovery of September, announced last September. Phosphine in Venus’s atmosphere. Remember that phosphine is a molecule associated with the activity of what on Earth? bacteria anaerobic and that the discovery – ever since questioned – suggested that a microscopic form of life might exist on the hottest planet in our solar system.

But, based on laboratory experiments and observations returned by the investigation, researchers Queen’s University Emphasize: Water level in clouds from Venus As we know, that is a hundred times less than what would be needed to support life. and also microbes majority of extremist The most tolerant of those who live on earth Dry And acid, there would be no chance of survival on Venus.

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Water activity as required data

The researchers worked on what they call water activity in clouds. A measure equivalent to humidity. Thus, liquid water would have an activity of 1 and a drought activity of 0. For survival, life would require a water activity of at least 0.585. Water activity in the clouds of Venus will not be high … 0.004! According to researchers, it is a hundred times more dry than Atacama Desert. One of the driest regions of the world. Partly because the presence of acid reduces the activity of water.

In search of the Grail of life, here’s a hopeless new hope. yet this door That certainly seems to be closing – at least for one life form that we know of on Earth, another may well be opening up. “We found that the state of the water – With an activity of just 0.585 – And the temperatures in Jupiter’s clouds may allow microbial-type life to survive”, John Holsworth, researcher, reveals sent.

However, the discovery does not suggest that life actually exists on Jupiter. “he needs Nutrients And we can’t be sure that there are”, specifies the researcher. To verify this, other studies will need to look at Jupiter’s clouds. maybe three Missions – the two NASA And one from the European Space Agency (ESA) – will still go to learn more about Venus. for, perhaps, in his unequal circumstances AtmosphereFind a less unfavorable place for life.

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