Libyan coast guard apprehends 280 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea – Agence Africa

The Libyan coast guard announced on Thursday that they intercepted 280 migrants aboard five boats off Libya’s west coast as they tried to cross the Mediterranean towards the southern edge of Europe.

“A Libyan Coast Guard patrol on Tuesday (November 2) rescued 280 migrants of various African nationalities as they headed for European shores, the Libyan Navy said on Facebook on Thursday.

These migrants, who were “on four wooden boats and a rubber boat”, were brought back to the coast of the Zaura, near the border with Tunisia, before being handed over to the department to fight against illegal migration.

Libya, which has been in chaos since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011, has become the hub of thousands of migrants seeking to reach Europe by sea.

Blocked in international waters by the Libyan Navy before reaching the Italian coast, the migrants were forcibly brought back to Libya and then detained under pathetic conditions, often condemned by NGOs and the United Nations.

The Libyan Interior Ministry’s fight against covert migration must ensure “the monitoring of the care of these migrants and the procedures necessary for their repatriation to their countries”, it specified in an official statement this Thursday. .

For several weeks, Tripoli has faced a lot of criticism for its mistreatment of migrants, especially after a massive raid in a popular district of the capital in early October that killed one and injured 15.

Libyan authorities, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), organized the repatriation of 91 Nigerian migrants to their country of origin after the resumption of humanitarian flights on Wednesday.

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