Libya: More than 90 presidential candidates on finale

#other countries : The election authority in Libya on Monday announced the termination of candidates for December’s presidential election, according to media, after receiving files from more than 90 candidates, including just two women.

The Higher National Election Commission (HNEC) is scheduled to announce on Tuesday the final number of candidates who have submitted their files before publishing under a dozen whose candidatures are expected to scrutinize their files and respond to possible appeals. The latter has been accepted.

According to Libyan media, more than 90 candidates have submitted their applications since the start of application submission on 8 November.

Among the most prominent candidates are Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who de facto controls part of eastern and southern Libya, Fathi Bachaga, an influential former Minister of the Interior, and prominent Interim Government, Abdelhamid Dabeba.

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Only two women stood as candidates: Layla Ben Khalifa, 46, president and founder of the National Movement Party, and Hunaida al-Mahdi, a social science researcher.

For the election of the head of state – the first vote by universal suffrage in Libya – scheduled for 24 December, the presentation of candidates took place exclusively in three offices of the High Electoral Commission: in Tripoli (West), Benghazi (East) and Sebha ( South).

These elections, along with legislative elections due in January, are the culmination of a painstaking political process sponsored by the United Nations, turning the page on a decade of chaos since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011 and ending division and fraternal struggles. are going to do. Two rival camps, one in the west of the country and the other in the east.

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More than 2.83 million Libyans have registered to vote, out of an estimated seven million people.

For the international community, elections are necessary to pacify the country, which has the largest oil reserves in Africa.

But still under the delicate security context and persistent political differences, including the electoral calendar, the conduct of these elections remains uncertain.

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