Libya discusses an agreed solution to hold elections with Britain and the Netherlands


Libya on Thursday discussed with the United Kingdom and the Netherlands an initiative to hold Libyan elections aimed at finding a solution agreed upon between political parties.

This emerges from two separate meetings organized by the chairman of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed al-Manfi, with the British ambassador, Caroline Harandal, and the Dutch ambassador, Dolph Hogwoning, who is recognized by his country.

In a statement, the Libyan Presidential Council indicated that the discussions between al-Manfi and Herndal “focused on the efforts made by the United Kingdom to resolve the Libyan crisis and the means to advance the political process, which is based on constitutional rule.” will allow the country to develop.

The Chairman of the Libyan Presidential Council “reiterated the importance of holding elections to make the voices of the 2.8 million Libyans registered on the electoral list heard”.

Al-Manafi also considered “the initiative of Stephanie Williams, the UN Secretary-General’s adviser on Libya, to set up a commission to draft a constitutional rule, an important step in being successful and successful in elections.” Is” .

According to a second statement from the Libyan Presidential Council, al-Manfi discussed with the Dutch ambassador to Libya, Dolph Hogwoning, “initiatives aimed at finding a solution agreed upon among Libyan political parties”.

The senior Libyan official expressed the Presidential Council’s support for the UN initiative, led by Stephanie Williams, to lay the foundation for a constitutional regime to be able to hold the next election.

For his part, Hogwoning praised “the efforts of the Presidential Council of Libya to resolve differences between all parties involved in the political process”, emphasizing his country’s support for initiatives aimed at achieving stability in Libya. praised.

Libya is in the grip of an upheaval in the political division, following the installation by Fati Bachagha’s Chamber of Deputies of Tobruk (East) as head of a new government in place of Dabeh’s government, which simply refuses to transfer power. There is a government, as a result of a newly elected parliament.

Williams announced an initiative last Friday that included setting up a commission for the Tobruk Chamber of Deputies and the Council of State (legislative-advisory) to select six representatives from among its members to formulate constitutional rules. Was. Towards the election, as soon as possible.

Due to disputes between official Libyan institutions over electoral laws and the role of justice in the electoral process, it was not possible to hold the elections, initially scheduled for 24 December, under the auspices of the United Nations.

Parliamentary and presidential elections have not yet been set, and Libyans hope the elections will help end a fraternal armed conflict that has been tearing the oil country apart for many years.

*Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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