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Tuesday 12 January 2021, 00:02

In the wake of the recent reshuffle, many analysts have argued that early voting is likely to take place as soon as the choices made are allowed, and in early autumn.

Government officials have denied this as usual, but it is well known that early elections and currency devaluations are never announced.

Script has its advantages and disadvantages.

If we were to go to the early elections, in the opinion of many, the last should have been at the beginning of the autumn, when the first wave had excellent management speed and comparisons with Syria’s handling of Mighty and Mandra were catalysts. And when the recession did not extend to such an extent in the real economy due to the epidemic.

In fact, many optimists speculated that with the early elections declining, they may not even need a second election, providing autonomy even with a simple proportional election.

The situation is now more complicated.

The second wave became much worse than the first, the fatigue of the society is evident, the compliance of the people is very low because the stamina is exhausted, there were some management mistakes, while unemployment is increasing and the economy is suffering.

At the same time, as much as Syria is politically unable to capitalize on the consequences of the difficult situation that the country is passing through and does not pull the canal, it is clear that despite ongoing relative political domination, the government and the people The grace period is over. Now he judges her very harshly.

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Based on currently anticipated voting intentions, resorting to double ballots in the fall would mean that the country would have a period of about three months of chaos when a stronger government would be needed more than ever with open Greek-Turkish immigration issues. , Investment and lethargy of the economy after the epidemic.

On the other hand, with elections at the end of four years, there is a danger of a significant decrease in the percentage of New Democracy, due to a general decline after four years of difficult government decisions, while no one can predict the political landscape of 2023 from now on. is.

Given this, perhaps a realistic alternative would be an early election in 2022 when the epidemic was over, the economy would start recovering and some major investments would have started paying off.

In any case, the Prime Minister will be called sooner or later to take important decisions because the dilemmas are great.

You see when Mr. When Tiprasad departs, he leaves us one last “gift”, which is that of a simple analog one, to make his party a part of the political game, thus he can indirectly control the events because He probably anticipated that he would never be independently. .

A real landmine in the country’s foundations for a deep political calculation that placed itself and Syria’s interests above the interests of the country.

Let us hope that simple arguments prevail rather than simple analogs in the end.

* Kyriakos Berberidis, a member of the Health and Political Support Areas of the New Democracy

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