Liberal Prime Minister Rutte wins legislative election in Netherlands

Dutch Prime Minister Markratt welcomed the “vote of confidence” on Wednesday, according to votes from the three-day parliamentary elections dominated by the Kovid-19 epidemic and in which his party emerged victorious. “I note that the result of this election is that the voters of the Netherlands voted for my party,” Rutte told reporters in Parliament in The Hague. The Liberal Party of the outgoing Prime Minister won the election, which would allow him to lead his fourth government coalition according to the elections. In power since 2010, Mr. Rutte assured “energy for the next 10 years”. The latest estimates before 00:00 credited GMT to liberals with 35 seats out of 150 in the lower house of parliament, compared to 33 in the outgoing assembly, and 26 seats to D66 (left center) and 18. Allocated to the Freedom Party (PVV) anti-Islam deputy Geert Wilders, with whom the main parties have already refused to form an alliance.

The country’s second-largest party, PVV, lost three seats before these elections, a disappointing result for its leader, who told reporters that “there is hope for more”. With 26 seats, or 7 more, D66’s pro-European Progressivists won the biggest victory in the party’s history, led by Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Sigrid Kag. In a picture posted on Twitter, Ms. Kag, standing on the table and dancing, said, “I believe we have received this as confirmation that we have been impressed in recent years The only progressive party to be held. Mr. Rutte said that it is likely that negotiations to form a new coalition government will be held with Finance Minister Wopkehstra’s D66 and CDA (Christian Democrats), which hold 14 seats. PvdA (Social Democrats ) Won 9 seats, and Groenlink’s environmentalists and SPs survived the 8 seats. The populist Thierry Baudet’s party, the Fomporula Democracy, would also do well, winning 8 seats against the current 2.

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These legislative measures were adapted because of the Kovid-19, particularly for more than three days, and were considered by the current government as a test for the management of the epidemic. Badminton boxes were at unusual locations such as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands hotels, train stations, churches and testing centers, where you can sometimes vote by bike or car. Prior to voting at a school in The Hague, Mr. Rutte called himself a “cautious” optimist. One of the best-performing economies in Europe, “Rutte told reporters before the vote,” I am satisfied with what we have achieved in the last 10 years in the Netherlands.

“The main question in these elections is who can lead this country through the coronovirus crisis,” he said. A record number of 37 parties contested for 150 seats in the lower house of parliament, which bolsters complex alliances in a fragmented political landscape. Mr Rutte rejected any alliance with Geert Wilders “because of what he said about Islam and the Quran”.

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