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Turks killed in Iraq: New diplomatic clash between Washington and Ankara

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday (15 February) criticized the US for its support of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters, for which Ankara held captive in northern Iraq, accusing him of killing thirteen of his civilians. took. The United States response angered Turkish officials, who summoned the US ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Relations between Turkey and the new US administration are expected to be already tense. Recep Taip Erdogan and Joe Biden have not yet spoken by phone since the latter’s inauguration, but Ankara officials continue to send frequent messages to the US president. The death of 13 Turkish citizens of the PKK was another occasion. For Turkey, these Turkish citizens would have been executed by the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The organization acknowledged the death of a group of prisoners, but according to it, they would have been killed in Turkish bombings that occur very frequently in the area. First, Turkish leaders condemned the “silence” of their Western partners, reports our correspondent Annie Andlauer in Istanbul. This was followed by a statement from the US State Department, explaining “the death of Turkish civilians in the Iraqi Kurdistan region”, stating that “if the United States informs of the death of Turkish citizens, then the greatest determination of this action is Condemns along. ” PKK has been confirmed “. US support for Kurdish fighters. These last words have thrown President Erdogan out of his circle, calling the US declaration a” joke “, including” terrorists “on Washington and even Accused and summoned for being “behind the terrorists”. US Ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara. Turkey has for many years denounced Syrian Kurdish fighters for supporting the United States, the YPG, Very close to the PKK. In recent weeks, Turkish senior officials have told the new US administration that no significant improvement in relations is possible without hindering this support. Facing Turkey’s anger, US diplomacy has finally Assumed “PK terrorists” were, in fact, responsible for the deaths of thirteen Turkish hostages. देखें See also: Turkey: 718 arrests in pro-Kurdish circles across the country

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