LG releases Titanic 8K DVLED TV up to 335 inches

LG is launching its own version of the wall-mounted screen with ridiculously large dimensions. Count 1.7 million euros for the most expensive model.

This LG TV can go up to 325 inches. // source: lg

If LG has given up on smartphones, not so much on the TV side. Place cnet.com The brand has got its hands on the next giant TV, certainly inspired by Samsung’s Wall, the LG DVLED home cinema. It can measure up to 325 inches with up to 8K definition.

Of course, this is a product aimed at buyers with an unlimited budget. But that doesn’t stop LG from offering great customization options. Various sizes from 108 inches to 325 inches are offered, as well as definitions ranging from HD to 8K. With regards to format, LG primarily offers 16:9, but 32:9 is also available, allowing two video streams to be displayed at the same time – because why not. The most equipped model costs $1.7 million.

To make people forget about video projectors

LG uses a technology here called DVLED for “Direct View LED”: looking directly at you from the LEDs. But overall, it should be remembered that on the models of its DVLED home cinema range, LG uses MicroLED.

Anyway, we can easily imagine the interest compared to video projectors. You don’t have to watch your movies in semi-darkness to expect to see something. LG actually promises a relatively high brightness of 1200 cd / m². Enough to support a fleeting glimmer of light in the spacious living room of his third family villa.

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