LG has no shortage of (crazy) ideas for its curved screen

LG revealed two concepts to move forward with curved screens, Virtual Ride and Media Chair for exercise bikes without getting boring.

Curved screens can be used in many products, be it phones, TVs or monitors. What if they could be used in other ways? What is this LG To be displayed during CES 2022. In an official press release, the brand gives us a small glimpse of what to expect and the least we can say is that the South Korean manufacturer has no shortage of ‘ideas’.

LG reveals two concepts to move forward with curved screen

In the press release in question, LG revealed two concepts. The first is called a virtual ride. It’s essentially an exercise bike whose regular use, as we know, can get really boring, on which LG added at least three vertical OLED screens to create one giant screen that pops over your head Huh. This allows you to create immersive landscapes as you begin to pedal. When you ride, the scenery can change, with the scenery changing, the weather, adding you galley mates, etc.

And since the screen goes from floor to ceiling, so to speak, with the top screen offering a 500R curve, the whole system should really make you feel like you’re outside. While you are quietly in the shelter of your room house.

Virtual rides and media chairs for a boring exercise bike

LG Media ChairLG

The other device that LG unveiled ahead of CES 2022 is called the Media Chair. As its name suggests, this is a chair for enjoying your favorite content, with a 55-inch OLED TV curved at 1,500 R. As you can see in the picture above, l the choice of screen and its curves again creates a certain immersion, giving you an experience that can be had in a cinema room, on a couch in front of a traditional television Much more qualitative than being. The screen can also change orientation, landscape or portrait at will.

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It looks very promising. In any case keep in mind that these two products are currently only concepts and not finished products, let alone available for sale. It’s also a good way for LG to show how flexible, curved screens can be used in concepts that go far beyond smartphones, TVs, and simple computer monitors.

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