LFI candidates Danielle Obono and Danielle Simonette appear with Briton Jeremy Corbyn

Candidates for the legislative elections show themselves in Paris with the former leader of Labor suspended in 2020 for inaction over anti-Semitism within the party.

It is a union that gives feedback to the people. On Friday, June 3, Danielle Obono, who had come to Paris’ 15th district to support NUPPS candidate Danielle Simonet, was accompanied by London MP and former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The politician was suspended from his party in 2020 after the publication of a report pointing to a lack of initiative in dealing with anti-Semitism matters in the ranks of the Left. He has since been reinstated, although he is not allowed to sit in the Labor Party in the House of Commons.

The allegations of appeasement due to anti-Semitic acts date back to 2015, when Jeremy Corbyn took over as party leader. Mike Katz, who leads the Jewish labor movement bringing Jewish followers together, explained in 2019 le figurearo , “Since he became president, The anti-Semitism culture was tolerated and the party was poisoned at every level.” Twice in 2018, the MP issued a public apology from those who were “Injured” by the statements made by “small group within the party”, But these gestures pleased critics neither in the public sphere nor within their formation.

It must be said that in the past, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Left did not take off their gloves to criticize Israel, which was tinged with anti-Semitic rhetoric, a position which, according to some intellectuals, was an inherently Jewish Could hide the opponent. , The MK himself left room for doubt when he called out the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas movements. “friend” (A statement he has since expressed regret). He also had dinner with Hamas leader Khalid Meshal during a visit to Gaza in 2010.

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In 2020, following the publication of the report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the commission responsible for enforcing equality and human rights laws in the UK, by Jeremy Corbyn and his team on the role in combating antisemitism. -Semitic matters within Labour, the Socialist MP felt that “theThe extent of the problem has been exaggerated by our opponents both within and outside the party as well as by the majority of the media. A challenge to the results of the investigation that earned him the suspension of labor officers. Against the advice of some elected Labor officials and the new party boss, before being reinstated a few days later.

Why this choice of Danielle Obono to appear with Jeremy Corbyn? Many people are asking questions on Twitter. For Lamia el Araje, opposed to Daniel Simonet during the legislative elections and invested by the Socialist Party, it is “a shame,The masks fall off: inviting and demonstrating support of Jeremy Corbyn, dismissed from the Labor Party and group for complacency with anti-Semitism in EnglandCriticizing the candidate in a tweet, he saidLeftists can’t accept it!,

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