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Number 05 – 6 February, 2021

This great longing

By Ida Lødemel Tvedt | Article link

Ida Lødemel Tvedt’s wonderful article brings back sad memories of living in Sweden and Norway as a summer intern. Carr then sang Holmenkollen-Schenge’s previous songs with two collaborators and two young Norwegians, “now or never”. At Focusetspark (in Waffle on Lake Vernern) there was a dance on the cheek, and the question was in the air, but it was not spoken: “Will Do Comer Made Me I Scogen”. Skogen, that forest, is the vast forest in which a farmhouse came into ruins, residents here and there were abandoned by the migrants. But there are other memories. For example, the space in front of a pit with a paper mill, in which a summer trainee was killed a year earlier, was taken away by paper tapes that had to monitor the path in the pit. The paper ribbon was cut from the irregular edge of a huge roll of roll paper made of pulp paper pulp. I was shocked when a trolley suddenly went back in the wrong direction, just below the huge steel girder supporting the roof of the factory building. Some time ago, I ducked under the girder in the right direction to replace the fluorescent tubes on the factory roof with a coworker. The trolley was being driven on the ground by an intoxicated worker. The colleague was only able to call me. This was during a second stay at Väster am Merlen in Sweden.

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