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Number 08 – 27 February, 2021

The Art of Critical Thinking – Part II

By Ben Moore | Article link

Ben Moore writes: “What drives me as a scientist is my thirst for knowledge and this feeling of excitement when I … make a new discovery.” As Moore continues, it helps him formulate hypotheses. Now there is an area around which great arcs are formed, even if there is an urgent need for a fertile hypothesis. Probably because “this ego feeling” does not want to be established in this particular field (due to conflicting goals). This region can be described by a axiom. As is well known, there is a axiomatic statement that is so secure for moral or mathematical reasons that it does not need to be questioned. Swayamsevidha can mean here: “We are only guests on this earth and therefore must act in such a way so that our descendants can also go to a healthy earth.” Here the things that will be needed will be hypothesized about the reasons that endanger the perceived goal. It is to be hoped that the sixth thought process proposed by Moore is not to be implemented: “Accept the possibility of failure.” The other five steps stated by Moore would be extremely helpful.

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