“Let us not confuse science and faith!”

Maintenance – Philosophers and former ministers refuse to mix faith and science, even if not opposed to Christian revelation and reason. According to him, the more science progresses, the deeper the mystery becomes.

Figaro Magazine. – God, Science, Proof, by Michel-Yves Bollore and Olivier Bonasis, describes the scientific revolutions of the last century, from infinitely small to infinitely large, and concludes that everything in contemporary science leads to proof of the existence of God. Is. Do you find such enthusiasm justified?

Luke Ferry. – This is an important, fascinating book that asks the kind of questions we all ask whether we are believers or not. Having said that, I still think that if we can prove so little that it exists of God, believe me, not only will it be known, but above all it will be good news for religions until then. Won’t happen. Because they are primarily based on faith. Faith and knowledge are conflicting: by definition, I cannot believe what I know! I don’t have to believe that 2 + 2 is 4!

The best that can be done is to demonstrate that the truth of belief and the truth of reason

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