Les Nuits des étoiles 2021 from August 6 to August 8

On 6, 7 and 8 August 2021 the Nuits des toiles will be organized by the Association Française d’Astronomie (AFA). Three nights (or more depending on the city) of astronomical events were planned throughout France.

Les Nuts des Etoiles turns 30!

Since 1991, the Nuits des toiles have been run by teams of volunteer astronomers. They each year more than 250, astronomy clubs, tourist offices, leisure centers, town halls …“Welcomes the AFA. To celebrate the 2021 edition of the event, which blows out its thirty candles, the AFA proposes”reconnecting with tradition“By scanning the shooting stars. According to Meteo-France, the nights will be cloudy overall in metropolitan France. Too bad because the duration is ideal”Thanks for the absence of the moon Weekend of August 8 “, AFA comments. “As night falls, the constellations of the Summer Triangle – the Lear, the Swan and the Eagle – make it possible to orient themselves easily and follow the powdering of the Milky Way from north to south from Cassiopeia and Perseus. To Scorpio and Sagittarius, to the galactic center“.

Video with Astronogeek

The inquisitor will nevertheless be able to try out the observations and, in some cases even during the day, benefit from the explanations provided by the various actors of the phenomenon, which are more than 200. In addition, the French Association of Astronomy S has partnered with Youtubeur Astronogeek this year to produce a series of videos with testimonials from researchers, astronauts and engineers. Enough to enjoy the Nuits des Etoiles even while at home.

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