Leral Tv is now available on Smart TV LG

Senegal television channel Leral Tv is now available on LG subsidiary’s Smart TV. First for a Senegal press group in West Africa.

If you have an LG brand TV, you can now access Senegal TV channel LERAL TV if your device is compatible. Access to the Leral Tv application is available on WebOS version 3.0 (and +) and LG TVs compatible with all LG Smart TVs.

That is, you must have an LG brand TV made from 2016 and which uses the WebOS operating system version 3.0 or later (see the list of LG TVs, which are compatible with the LaRail TV).

However, Lural TV is not compatible with LG Netcast TV or LG TV’s web browser.

Download the Leral Tv App from LG Content Store

To view Leral Tv content, you must first download the Leral Tv application on your LG TV and configure your access.

The following are the various steps to download the Leral Tv Plus app on LG TV:

Visit the LG Content Store available from your LG TV’s home screen.

Find the Leral Tv application by entering the service name in the search function.

Once the Leral Tv app is found, just click the “Install” button with your remote control,

At the end of the download, while still using your remote control, launch the Lural TV application, clicking the “Liral TV” icon of the LG launcher.


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