L’Equipe preparing for Les Blues for the Women’s Euro to be held in the United Kingdom from 6 to 31 July: paper publications, channels and platforms will deploy a special tool

Sports media L’Equipe is in working condition for Women’s Soccer Euro: the paper publication, channel and platform will deploy a dedicated tool to follow the French team and the competition which will take place in the United Kingdom from 6 to 31 July. , During a press conference the team was assured that Corinne Deacon’s Blues would benefit from “boyfriend treatment”.

From the outset, the daily will dedicate several pages per day to the Women’s Euro and will present notes, reports and analysis of the meetings. In addition to the competition news available online, each press conference will be broadcast live on the L’quipe website and app. Monthly France football will also be in line with the Women’s Euro for the June and July issues by devoting a larger space to the competition. On the channel side, “we’ll be there before the match, at half-time and after the match as we’re used to”, explains Jerome Saporito, the team’s TV division director. A special arrangement will be implemented with L’Equipe du soir for Les Blues meetings, with Candice Rowland and Emily Ross on set.

Olivier Ekoufani, former coach of Les Blues and former coach of Paris Saint-Germain, will be a consultant for the occasion. Having two media like TF1 and Canal+ co-broadcasters of the competition, “That’s all + profit + for us, more people will be affected, so more people who will go through newsletter to deepen their knowledge or pre- Matches will follow, half-time or post-match on the channel, it’s all a positive for women’s football,” said Mr. Saporito. “When a French team wins, it sells, whether female or male” even though “on the impact side, it is not equal measure for boys”, admits L’Crew editorial director Jerome Casadieu.

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“We also have a mission to ensure that the women’s game is almost at the same level as the men’s game,” he says. In terms of TV audiences, “Les Blues is going to be a hit”, with special envoy Carine Galli anticipating the players to follow. The team “makes over a million (viewers) every time, you shouldn’t compare with boys, it’s not necessarily the same audience”, she recalls.

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