Lenny Kuhar got the guitar back after years with which he won ESF Entertainment

He lost sight of the guitar very quickly after his win, but then received an unexpected email from Jaap’s wife, the man with whom he formed a relationship after winning the Eurovision song contest. Ells emailed me and told me that Jaap had passed away. While exiting, he found a guitar scattered in a corner, ‚ÄĚKuhr tells the ESF organization.

Ells is convinced that it is to be the guitar with which Kuhar is his winning song. Bothersome Sung “The guitar was much darker than I remembered and had deep cracks on both sides, but it had my guitar teacher’s nameplate on it,” said Kuhar. After cleaning and inspection by a luthier comparing the grain structure of the cover sheet with photos of the performance in Matthew, it came true. “It was the guitar with which I won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969.”

She has used the guitar for some songs in her new album, which the singer is currently working on. Too Bothersome Returns to one of her album’s new songs, but the path is not yet known.

Kuhar can also be seen during the finals of the Eurovision song contest, which is due to Duncan Laurence’s win in Rotterdam in 2019 this year. He is part of the Rock the Roof performance along with other former Eurovision winners.

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