Lego: Could Luigi be entitled to his minifigure soon?

reported by Eurogamer, A user shared a video For Lego figurines Super Mario Joe calls his brother, Luigi, and he can write an upcoming exit for Lego.

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The little action figure started mentioning her brother’s name, after waking up from a nap, followed by an update Firmware earlier this week. At least this is the video shared by Jay Phoenix on Twitter.

Additionally, on the Lego Facebook page, under a post announcing the update, a user asked if we could possibly see Luigi in Lego. The official account responded with this line: “This is a very creative way to find your missing brother. We have noticed that Lego Mario has started calling him out, we are watching this and hopefully we can clarify this soon. stay tuned! 🙂 “

The rumored machine was quickly removed, and fans can already imagine Luigi’s arrival with new courses to be assembled this summer.

Like the keen-eyed eagle, we will be watching the updates very closely. Follow a file!

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