Legislation in Algeria: Vitrial editorials of the Belgian press on “a democratic aspect”

#algeria : Algerian power navigates vision, without democratic legitimacy or political compass, wrote the Belgian newspaper “La Libre Belgic” on Saturday in an article titled “Legislatives at high risk in Algeria”. According to Le Soir, they are “no more than a democratic aspect that does not fool anyone”.

“In Algeria, the whims of leaders throw the most seasoned observers into a tangle of confusion. Here they seek institutional legitimacy, if not popular, to hold early legislative elections and who two days earlier, at the same time There are times. that a group of foreign journalists, especially the French, arrived in Algiers, embellishing several key critical voices instead of Algiers. A bit as if the regime was saying to these special envoys: “We’re going to tell you That Algeria is not democratic at all, yes, that’s right!”, writes the daily in its delivery on Saturday.

According to Le Soir de Belgic, “the democratic aspect that fools no one”.

“The democratic aspect, it is true, there are no longer many people to pretend to believe it,” the article’s author quoted Lahori Adi, an exiled Algerian sociologist, who states that “the population has understood that The structure of governance is inconsistent with the principle of a sovereign National Assembly because sovereign power is organized by military hierarchy”.

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According to the newspaper, the participation rate in this election should strike the Algerian regime once again. He recalls that the last two elections, the presidential and referendum, had seen low participation rates (40 and 24%) and some believe that the actual figures were even lower.

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“Why, exactly, an Algerian – other than the regime’s “clients” and a few dreamers – would bother to go and vote, because his voice, wherever he goes, will change absolutely nothing?” , asks the author of the article.

Hirak, who had given huge hopes in Algeria in 2019 and swayed considerable crowds, is dying and “has not been able to generate a solid political alternative”, noting that Algerian society, “widely for the regime”. is hostile to “it lives without structured political representation”.

While waiting and as noted by veteran lawyer Madjid Benchikh, the newspaper continues, “Since 1962 the illegality of the political power established by the military command did not worsen. The country’s resources have been managed by institutions without representation. Small groups built around supported hunting and corruption for the benefit, while the broader popular layers are in hardship and increasingly marginalised”. So goes to Algeria in 2021, concludes the daily.

Without democratic legitimacy, power remains in sight

“Without democratic legitimacy or political compass, power navigates vision. Short-term objective: not drowning by clinging to the Police Boy”, underlines for its part La Libre Belgic, noting that the country would have had a tougher repression It is the end of a remarkable election campaign.

On Thursday, forty-eight hours before the vote, Daman struck again, the newspaper noted, adding that rival Karim Tabu and journalists Khalid Dreny and Ihsen El Qadi were arrested by agents of internal security.

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According to the daily, the arrests of these three figures of Hirak, a popular movement demanding a change in the “political order” since February 2019, are in addition to 220 activists imprisoned for public opinion or peaceful demonstrations.

About sixty of them, detained on the El Harrach peninsula in the eastern suburbs of Algiers, have been on hunger strike for a week, condemning the “arbitrary detention and delay in processing their case”. , the newspaper says.

To capture the National Assembly’s 407 seats, 1,483 lists are in the starting blocks, recalling the publication, emphasizing that the election was boycotted by the opposition and rejected by Hirak, aimed at “national “Islamic Alliance” is to be legitimized. Air from 2019.

But this coalition, which will make it possible to secure civilian demonstrations and respect “constitutional legitimacy” even against popular will, “will it succeed in solving the political crisis?”, the article’s author wonders. “Nothing is less certain, especially since the economic situation is already sad for the disadvantaged sections, including the newly unemployed and left behind,” he underlines.

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“A sign that does not deceive, Harragas, these illegal immigrants who returned to hope in 2019 with Hirak, have taken to sea on makeshift boats,” the newspaper observed.

“All in impunity. Facing the wall, the officers are playing with Pandora’s box, at the risk of freeing old demons from ethnic clashes…”, concludes the newspaper.

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