Leeds man admits to getting train in Tier 2 York – just so he can go to the pub

A man in New York has defended himself after admitting on TV that he had taken a train to York so that he could have a drink.

Speaking to the BBC’s Luke North, the man said he had traveled to York for a drink after a train popped up in North Yorkshire, which was related to Tier 2 restrictions.

In Tier 3 areas, such as Leeds, all pubs are closed, but in Tier 2, pubs and bars are allowed to remain open.

In Tier 2, customers must buy enough food with their drinks and painters and then leave after the meal is over.

The man said: “I came to York today to have a drink because they were opening late and [I] Just come across the train. “

This Leeds guy has admitted to getting a train to York so he can go to the pub

The BBC reporter then told the man: “It’s not illegal, but technically you’re not supposed to do it. Are you aware of that?”

The Leeds man responded: “Yes, but the law you just said is not against.”

Recently, North Yorkshire Police said drivers traveling in the Tier 3 to Tier 2 zones may face “enforcement action” for unnecessary trips.

The force warned residents of Tier 3 areas, such as Layers and Bradford, to stay away unless they needed to travel to Tier 2 areas for work or education.

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