Leeds beat Fulham 2-1

London (United Kingdom) – Leeds The sponge Craven Cottage Of london, beats Fulham And earns three key points in the standings. Men of Bielsa He was a hero of an excellent race, in which he repeatedly troubled the opposing rearguard. With goals from Bamford E Ruffina, The visitors canceled Anderson’s momentary equalizer, sending Fulham into the jurisdiction.

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Crackling in the first half, Anderson responded to Bamford

The guests get off to a strong start and after eight minutes they give a nice thanksgiving Ayling’s header. But give where They give a signal at the beginning of the action and the target is canceled. Twenty-one more targets not validated Leeds (This time in Ruffina) for offside. Bielsa’s men insist on the accelerator and are thwarted by Mesler, after a goal by Major, they lead: Harrison serves Bamford Who holds the check and bag to the left of the goalkeeper Areola. The hosts are at a loss, but they draw before the final whistle AndersonOn the action of the corner.

Dominio Leeds, Rafinha Nayak

He leads leeds strong At the beginning of the second half: three corners, two opportunities (With Bamford and Harrison) And in the twelfth he finds the doubling: to Bamford’s brilliant aid Rafina It beats Control and Areola. Men of bielsa They are not satisfied and continue to push. Rafina still touches the third goal. Fifteen minutes from the end, a great chance for Observer, Which kicks without fail from two steps: it sounds equalizer, But Llorente abandons himself and gets distracted. Up front and Leeds is very dangerous with Stuart Dallas touching the post with a razor. Three minutes from the end it was Alioski’s turn to reach the third goal, but his shot was intercepted by goalkeeper Areola. This is the ultimate feeling. Leeds win by merit. Fulham finds himself in the entire charge zone.

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