Lee Kane resigns: Labor leader Sir Care Starmar blasts ‘tragic’ tenth clash | Politics news

Following the dramatic resignation of the Prime Minister’s spin chief, the government has been asked to “concentrate on the job” rather than “squadbling” on Downing Street.

Labor leader Sir Care Starmer Among the signs of the bitter energy struggle at the top was the call for number 10 to “pull yourself together”. Boris JohnsonOf administration.

Prime Minister’s Communications Director Lee Coin, He announced his resignation on Wednesday night And claimed that he had been offered the role of Mr. Johnson’s Chief of Staff.

Instead he will now relinquish his veteran role at the end of the year, reducing the voting holiday party to No. 10 and giving a signal in favor of Mr. Johnson’s governor. It may soon change its style and direction.

It was confirmed on Thursday that James Slack, the former political editor of the Daily Mail, would appoint Mr Cain as director of communications in January, although – unlike Mr Cain – he would be appointed to a civil service.

Allegra Stratton
Rickson, at number ten, was hired as Aligra Stratton’s TV presenter

Mr Kane’s resignation was followed by reports of a clash at No. 10 over his possible appointment as chief executive – Mr Johnson’s fianc, Carrie Symonds, and Conservative MPs and other government advisers opposed the move.

Dominic Cummings, the chief adviser to the Westminster prime minister, who worked closely with Mr Kane on campaigning for a waiver during the 2012 EU referendum, also sparked speculation about the future.

Tenth, the intervention follows the appointment of former journalist Alegra Straton, who worked for Chancellor Ishii Sunak as the new TV spokeswoman for Downing Street, in front of a White House-style television briefing.

Mr Kane was reportedly opposed to the appointment of MS Stratton.

Dominic Cummings, a top aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is stepping down as director of communications for Dining Street and leaving his home in London early this morning after announcing he will step down later this year.
The row raises questions about the future of Dominic Cummings

His resignation – and his recovery across Westminster – came at a time when coronavirus deaths in the UK were on the rise. 50,000 passed.

And Sir Kair – whose predecessor Jeremy Corbyn was recently suspended by Labor with a new opposition row – marked the 10th as “tragic.”

“I think millions of people will wake up this morning, shaking their heads, what’s going on in the world?” He told LBC Radio.

“We’re in an epidemic, we’re all worried about our health and family, we’re all worried about our jobs, and this number has jumped behind the number 10 door.

“Do it. Pull it together, concentrate on the work.”

Labor’s shadow chancellor, Anneliese Dodds, told Sky News: “Conservatives should focus on what’s going on outside of their party, what’s going on in our country, and not internally.”

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Genrick ‘sorry to see Lee Coin leave’

However, Cabinet Minister Robert Genrick tried to highlight the significance of Mr. Kane’s departure and suggested that the public was not interested in the comings and goings of senior Downing Street workers.

He told Sky News: “I don’t think it’s the primary concern of the people. What the public wants to know is that the prime minister – who is leading this government – is focused on the real challenge.

“And I can assure you that he is.

“We have focused on tackling the virus by trying to protect people’s jobs through unprecedented economic disruption.”

The housing secretary added that the government was “focused on the issues that really matter to the people.”

“Of course there will be a change of staff at 10 Downing Street, but whether it’s for the public or for the country, I don’t think it’s really important,” he said.

“They want to know we’re moving forward.”

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