Learn how to build the perfect sand castle, according to science

This summer, do you want to build the perfect sand castle that will win all the votes in the contest of the most beautiful sand castle on the beach? Science can help you!

Matthew Robert Bennett, a sedimentologist at Bournemouth University in England, has addressed this serious topic, which could ruin even a day of family vacation at sea if the ramparts give way too quickly… After examining and comparing popular beaches, he came to the following conclusions: For a castle to last the longest, the sand must be solid. The strength of sand depends on the properties of its grains and water.

sand pick case

Angular grains fit together better. Smooth sand, the grain of which is moved by water and wind, is not ideal for building strength. Sand made from microscopic shell fragments is a better choice for a sturdier sand castle.

water quantity question

Water binds the sand grains together. But it is important to take care of the proportion of water: “If there is too much water in the sand, your castle will drip; if there is too little, it will crumble.” Explains the scientist who discovered the magic formula to build the perfect sand castle. This is one bucket of water for eight buckets of dry sand, or water = 0.125 x sand.

Prefer simple, round balusters that take the shape of a castle with towering towers.

a bucket question

There are many sizes of beach buckets to make sand castles. Size and shape have their own importance in the strength of the building! it is better to use “Simple, round buckets for those that take the look of a castle with crenellated towers. A round bucket will allow you to use your imagination to give you lots of twists and details to end up with the monument of your dreams. “

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