Le Matin – World Tourism: A Third Destination Closed

One of the three destinations in the world is currently completely closed to international tourists due to the epidemic, mainly in Asia and Europe, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced on Monday.

As governments began loosening travel restrictions last year, “the presence of new forms of the virus” and “an epidemiological situation that remains critical” has detailed Madrid-based OMT, in a report.

At the beginning of February, 69 of the world’s 217 destinations, or 32%, were completely closed to international tourism, including 30 in Asia and the Pacific, 15 in Europe and 11 in Africa.

This represents a drop from the climax of the peak reached in May 2020, when 75% of destinations worldwide were completely closed, but increased from November, when only 27% of destinations were closed.

The UNWTO observed a “more granular, evidence-based and risk-based approach” to travel restrictions, such as the need to provide a negative test on the arrival of international travelers.

About a third (32%) of global destinations now require the presentation of “PCR or antigen tests” upon arrival, often with quarantine.

UNWTO director Zurab Polilaishvili said in a statement, “Travel restrictions have been widely used to stop the spread of the virus. Now that we want to resume tourism, we have to accept that the ban There is only one part of the solution. “

The year 2020 was the “worst year in the history of tourism”, with 74% fewer passenger arrivals worldwide than 2019, or about one billion tourists, UNWTO estimated in January.

Thus the epidemic generated $ 1,300 billion in losses last year, 11 times higher than that recorded in 2009 during the global financial crisis.

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