Le Matin – UNESCO and the World Bank launched an initiative to support Kovid’s subsequent revival of creative cities

The initiative aims to encourage the creativity of cities by developing sustainable ecosystems in which cultural and creative industries can reach their full potential. PH: Dr.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Bank, for the first time, announced their commitment to a joint initiative aimed at promoting the revival and development of urban cultural industries during and after the Kovid-19 epidemic. . .

The “City, Culture and Creativity” initiative was launched on Friday during a high-level program on culture and sustainable development organized by the Chair of the United Nations General Assembly in partnership with UNESCO.

It aims to encourage the creativity of cities through the development of sustainable ecosystems in which cultural and creative industries can reach their full potential and thus contribute to economic development, urban mobility, social inclusion and social development.

The creative economy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. This income generates both export income and employment. Cultural and creative industries account for $ 2,250 billion of annual world revenue and over $ 250 billion of exports.

Cultural and creative industries also provide around 30 million jobs worldwide and employ more people between 15 and 29 years of age than any other sector.

According to UNESCO, at a time when the culture sector is devastated by the Kovid-19 crisis globally, cultural and creative industries “still hide untapped potential that can help large metros recover and gain resilience “.

The “Cities, Culture and Creativity” initiative is based on global studies and lessons learned from nine different cities, from Brezaville through Seoul to the city of Madaba to Jordan. These cities, which have collaborated with the World Bank and UNESCO and exploited their creative potential, have managed to achieve positive socio-economic outcomes, a press release underscores the United Nations Organization.

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Thus, “Cities, Culture and Creativity” highlights integrated policies and interventions in six areas that can allow the emergence of creative cities: urban infrastructure and living capacity, skills and innovation, networks and financial support, inclusive Institutions and Regulations, Characteristics and Digital Environments.

A document summarizing the framework for action of this initiative, unveiled by UNESCO, contains guiding principles and recommendations that provide concrete examples of short and long-term policies, programs and investments that cities can implement.

“It is about creating a sustainable environment, conducive to the development of cultural and creative industries, able to overcome the current epidemic and its impact on economies”, explains UNESCO.

This framework of action should be implemented in various regions of the world through a series of major projects co-organized by UNESCO and the World Bank, adding the same source.

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