Le Matin-Omicron: Vaccine immunity protects more than antibodies developed after COVID-19 infection

Along with the barrier measures now known to all, vaccines remain our main ally in the face of COVID-19. Ph. head

Omicron exhibits an increased ability to re-infect already infected individuals. But this risk of escaping immunity led to only acquired immunity after covid, and not through a vaccine. In a response to a recent study on this topic, Dr. Hamdi has confirmed this. He sometimes misses the importance of vaccination which provides a stronger and more permanent immunity than that obtained after the disease.

Scientists are concerned about the data available so far on the Omron version. In addition to its high transmissibility, this type affects two to three times more people already infected with other types of COVID-19. Indeed, according to a study conducted by South African scientists, the Omicron variant presents a greater risk of evading immunity.
Dr Tayeb Hamdi, doctor and researcher in health policies and systems, contacted by “Le Matin”, indicates that the study in question is of great interest because it intervenes in a context marked by a strong spread of the new variant in the world. . The experts thus underline that in the light of the scientific data emerging from this, the risk of escape from immunity is only related to immunity acquired after covid and has no direct effect from vaccination, as the modalities of action are different.
In addition, he added, studies for vaccines are still going on at the laboratory level. “While awaiting the results, it should be recognized that scientifically speaking, vaccination provides stronger and more lasting protection than disease and that fully vaccinated people are better protected than those without the disease. ,” they tell. And to add: “From a medical standpoint, we recommend vaccination for everyone, both people who have covid-19, and those who don’t, because it is estimated that people who have covid-19 do not acquire antibodies and, therefore, immunity in the same way”.
As such, the expert notes that “for vaccines, we know exactly what the dose of antigen that we inject into the individual. This is the amount studied and programmed to deliver a strong and lasting immunity over time.” In addition, Dr. Hamdi would like to point out that studies on the effectiveness of vaccines are ongoing at the laboratory level and, for the time being, they remain our main ally in the face of COVID-19, along with barrier measures. ,

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