Le Matin – Marseille Builds a Mediterranean Consortium

The Mediterranean Consortium for Biodiversity, on all scales, is an opportunity to coordinate more effectively in favor of biodiversity and the natural environment. Ph: AFP

Six Mediterranean organizations joined forces on Friday as part of a consortium to face the environmental and financial challenges of nature conservation in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Consortium for Mediterranean Climate was born to meet the many challenges facing the Mediterranean, including climate change, erosion of biodiversity, pollution and pressure on resources, etc. These organizations outlined in a joint joint release. .

These are the Medvet Initiative, the Mediterranean Marine Protected Area Network (MEDPAN), the Mediterranean Small Islands Initiative (PIM), the Tour du Vallet (TDV), the International Association of Mediterranean Forests (AIFM) and the IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation. , Which, with the support of the Coastal Conservatory, signed a memorandum of understanding in Marseille on Friday for the launch of this consortium.

Through this initiative, these structures aim to join forces to more effectively protect biodiversity from the mountains, seas, forests, islands, wetlands and marine areas in the Mediterranean basin.

The consortium shared common objectives, namely protecting and effectively restoring Mediterranean biodiversity, identifying, implementing and promoting solutions based on nature, conservation of natural resources and their relationships involving health issues Mobilizing and supporting local communities.

This includes designing, supporting and implementing projects to prevent biodiversity loss, fostering exchanges, raising awareness of new challenges and providing the ability to act in favor of biodiversity and providing local authorities with biodiversity management Training of good administration is included. Ongoing.

As part of this approach, a think tank will also look at daylight under the auspices of the consortium and make it possible to ground “concepts” of development and conservation, which are still sometimes too much to implement in the field Are abstract. .

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Similarly, an active “Red Alert” network will make it possible for decision makers and donors to report projects affecting biodiversity so that solutions can be found to avoid or mitigate impacts.

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