Le Matin – Iran has officially surpassed 2 million cases

The Islamic Republic of Iran has officially crossed the threshold of two million confirmed cases of Kovid-19 on Thursday, against a backdrop of the epidemic’s acceleration with a new record of daily contamination.
Overall, the epidemic has infected 63,884 people out of a total of 2,006,934 people in Iran, announced Sima Sadat Lari, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Iran is the most difficult in the Near and Middle East by the epidemic and with the entry of national health officials, official figures have been grossly underestimated compared to reality.
The virus has resumed with the Persian New Year holiday (18 March to 2 April this year), which traditionally puts the entire country on the streets for family and friends. Although official figures of daily pollution and deaths remained relatively stable below the bar in January, at 7,000 and 100, respectively, the curves showed a slight rebound in February, but they have exploded since the last decade of March.
Even if the figure of daily deaths (185 between Wednesday and Thursday) is off the record (486 deaths in 24 hours) from mid-November, officials in Iran present as the “fourth wave” of the disease. Announcement is much more violent than before.
Newspapers of all stripes, conservatives and reformers criticized the government on Thursday, alleging that they did not ban travel during the Sruj (New Year) holidays. Instead of an explicit ban, officials simply advised people not to travel. Epidemic, Health Minister, Saad Namaki said on Monday, “We have lost control now”. “Unfortunately, nobody (during the New Year holidays) did not listen to me about the trip (need to be limited) and we are now facing great difficulties,” he regretted, while his Services declined. English version, which is more contagious.

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