Le Matin – Covid-19: According to WHO existing vaccines protect against the Omicron variant

Senior WHO and White House scientists told AFP that anti-Covid vaccines are a primary effective against Omicron, which does not appear to be more dangerous than Delta, which is the world’s most widely circulated.

There is “no reason to doubt” that existing vaccines protect patients infected with Omicron from severe forms of Covid-19, WHO emergency manager Michael Ryan said in a report on Tuesday evening. Rare interview with AFP.

“We have very effective vaccines that have proven to be potent against all types so far in terms of disease severity and hospitalization, and there is no reason to believe that will not happen.” Along with O’Micron, whose pursuit of which South Africa raised an air of panic in late November, patted Doctor Ryan.

However, he acknowledged that vaccines against Omicron may prove less effective, which is distinguished by a much higher number of mutations. But “it is highly improbable” that the variant can completely evade the protection provided by vaccines.

The WHO official stressed that this was only at the beginning of a study of a type discovered by South African officials on 24 November and which has since been observed in dozens of countries.

“The typical behavior we are seeing so far does not show any increase in severity. In fact, some places in southern Africa are showing mild symptoms,” the doctor insisted. Shortly before, White House adviser Anthony Fauci.

It is “almost certain” that Omicron does not cause cases more severe than Delta, a US scientist told AFP on Tuesday, adding that it will be necessary to wait “at least two weeks” to see if it turns out Is. less dangerous. “There is some indication that it may be even less severe,” he said.

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However, according to Dr. Fauci, Omicron is “apparently highly permeable”, possibly even more so than Delta.

The appearance of this variant has caused some panic, especially in Europe which is already heavily hit by a fifth wave of Covid-19 cases caused by the delta variant.

Several countries around the world announced border closures especially for South Africans, angering Pretoria, which condemns the unfair boycott.

The European Commission on Tuesday called on Twenty-Seven to coordinate its movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak and concerns raised by Omicron, asking them to once again intensify vaccination campaigns.

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