Le Corchia, the New Protector of the Jews of France

PORTRAIT – This lawyer became the 17th President of the Central Israeli Conservatory of France. Among its priorities: the fight against anti-Semitism.

A new face, and a new voice, for French Judaism. Renowned lawyer Eli Corchia was elected this Sunday by 89.8% of voters, president of the Central Conservatory, the highest body representing French Judaism. At the age of 50, this father of two, firmly committed to protecting the victims of the Toulouse and Montauban attacks in 2012, was then the only candidate for the position in Paris in January 2015.

He replaces Jol Mergui, who could not stand for re-election after a three to four-year term, but still became the honorary chairman of the structure. And who remains the chairman of the Council of Paris, the largest of the regional federations with a 60% workforce and a budget of 26 million euros. If it’s too prestigious, the Central Conservatory is a modest unit with a budget of 2 million euros.

“In service to all”

Eli Corchia becomes 17thI President of the Israeli Central Union of France, an institution created by Napoleon in 1808. with ham corcia, great

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