Lawyers claim one of London’s oldest and most prestigious clubs admits women

More than 300 British lawyers, including former prime minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair, have signed a petition demanding that one of London’s oldest and most prestigious clubs, Garrick’s, turn its 190 years old on Tuesday. Celebrates, finally accepts women.

Like a dozen other prestigious London clubs (Whites, Boodles), Garrick’s is located in the heart of the Covent Garden district and is reserved for men, along with judges, lawyers, officials and actors.

Among the signings, Cherie Blair, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair,

Asking members of Garrick “would they continue to be members of a club that practices exclusion on the basis of race, religion or sexuality”, an online petition asked them to “behave ethically, solicit votes and vote in favor”. invites”. of accepting women”.

Among the famous signatories was Cheri Blair, wife of former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair, who recalled an anecdote from a time when they were both interns: “Forty-five years ago I had been living outside Garrick, while my supervisor called Tony Blair, a student. I, in. It is reprehensible that so little progress has been made since then”.

In 2015, Garrick organized a vote on openness to women, which was supported by a number of prominent members – actor Hugh Bonneville, minister Michael Gove, several lords. But due to lack of success, it took two thirds due to the very low 50.5% majority.

Club member actor Nigel Havers signed the petition, saying it was “definitely time for Garrick to enter the 21st century”.

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