Lawyers argue that Britney Spears will not play again if her father is in charge of her career

On Tuesday, Britney Spears feared her father and she would not be able to start her career if she had the power for so long, her lawyer told the court on Tuesday.

Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Brenda Penny refused to suspend James Spears for 12 years from his central role in the court’s maintenance, as Britney Spears’s attorney Samuel De Inham pleaded with Britney Spears’ attorney, Samuel De Inham III, at the controversial hearing. The judge, however, said he would consider an application for his stay or complete removal in the future, which Inchem plans to file.

“My client told me he was afraid of his father,” Ingam told the judge. “If Dad was in charge of his career, he wouldn’t be acting anymore.”

The pop star has been on an indefinite work break since early 2019.

James Spears’s attorney, Vivian Lee Thorin, called his daughter’s record as a runner-up his perfect record, which saw her assets go from debt to from 60 million.

Thorin argued that the impediment to his removal was too damaging to prevent his suspension.

“I don’t believe there is a drop of evidence to support my client’s suspension.”

Thorin also objected to Ingam’s remarks as unacceptable remarks about the father-daughter relationship.

The judge approved that a corporate trust, Bessisar Trust, would now work with her father as a co-conservator at Spears Estate, at the request of the singer.

Most of the attorneys involved with Britney Spears’ parents attended the hearing by phone and video conference. The pop star did not take part in any form.

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Known in several states in the United States as a guardian, Spears struggled with his mental health in 2008. Often, the measures that began in public are usually limited to people with the ability to make serious decisions, and these are meant to be temporary. The court was in control for more time than expected.

On Tuesday, Ingam called him a “high-performance conservative” who deserves at least notice of the steps his father is taking, which he has refused to give. Inham said Spears had not spoken to his father in a very long time.

Thorin argued that since the father and daughter did not speak, Ingam intercepted it.

Britney Spears admits that conservatism was necessary from the time it was saved and that she probably saved her career, and that her attorney acted silently in court, acting mostly as an impartial observer, and for almost all of her appearances.

Beginning in August, however, he began to publicly choose who had power over him, often asking for more transparency in secret court proceedings, and even declaring that he was sympathetic to the people he controlled in growing protests and online posts. # Free Britney

A few of these fans protested outside the city’s Los Angeles courthouse for each Spear hearing, and a few, sitting in the courtroom wearing #free Britney face masks, were rarely present due to the direction of the coronavirus spacing.

Fans of Britney Spears protest in Los Angeles, California on November 10th.
Fans of Britney Spears demonstrate in Los Angeles on November 10th. Photograph: Ringo Chew / Zuma Wire / RX / Shutterstock

For the most part, James Spears was responsible not only for his daughter’s financial expenses, but also for her person, which gave her great control over her life decisions. She temporarily resigned from the role last year citing health reasons, and Britney Spears has requested that her temporary replacement, Jody Montgomery, be made permanent.

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In documents requesting James Spears’ temporary dismissal, Britney Spears stated that she had no intention of acting as co-custodian of the Bessemer Trust and that she would “maintain full effective control of her assets, books and records in the face of British objections”. .

He also mentioned his recent failure that his business director has resigned and he has made a new appointment.

Attorneys for James Spears argued that in hiring a new business director, he simply maintained the continuity of his daughter’s business and was acting as a conservator and that there was no legal requirement to inform her of his actions.

In the case filed in court, his attorneys said his “only motivation was his unconditional love for his daughter and his strong desire to protect those who tried to take advantage of her.”

Most of Spears Conservationist’s activities have been shut down to the public, creating a rare glimpse into Tuesday’s behind-the-scenes family drama.

Lynn Spears, the mother of Britney Spears and the ex-wife of James Spears, who has been allowed to participate as an interested party, said through her attorney that her daughter should not be forced to comply with the father’s unreasonable demands, calling their relationship “toxic.” .

“It broke Lynn’s heart that things came up at this moment,” said attorney Gladstone Ann Jones.

Jones said Lynn Spears has no ill wishes for her ex-husband, but she thinks it’s time to “start over” and remove him.

“Family controversy is not uncommon, but it’s not an ordinary family,” Jones said.

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