Latvia opens major anti-Kovid vaccination center

Latvia on Saturday opened ten major Kovid vaccination centers in an effort to speed up its slow-running vaccination campaign in the European Union.

This Baltic state of 1.9 million inhabitants has suffered from both slow vaccine distribution and public distrust, particularly among the Russian community, which represents a quarter of the population.

“Those who have requested to be vaccinated and are on the priority list can now be vaccinated immediately,” Health Minister Daniels Pavlatz told Latvian agency LETA.

He said, “It’s good, that way they can be vaccinated for the Easter holidays.”

Currently, only 7% of people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, the lowest rate in the European Union after Bulgaria.

In addition to large centers open in cities, mobile teams will be sent to rural areas.

According to a recent survey, only half the population intends to be vaccinated, 34% do not intend to do so, and 16% hesitate.

“Once the center is up and running, people will see that it works, and their outlook will change, and we’ll have a lot of people who will agree to the vaccination,” Pavluts said.

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