Latest Travel: There are only four vacation options as Italy continues to lose air bridges

TRanceport Secretary Grant Shaps announced in a statement on Twitter yesterday that the microstates in Italy, Vatican City and San Marino would lose their ‘air bridge’ status at 4am on Sunday, October 16, leaving only four unrestricted destinations for British holidaymakers: And Sweden.

Yet there are several exceptions to this: Mykonos does not include air bridges in Greece; And Germany has added Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, large parts of northern England and the Midlands to its list of high-risk destinations, meaning anyone arriving from these destinations must pass an arrival test.

Several other countries, including Cyprus, Barbados, Saint Lucia and the Seychelles, have air bridge status, but they all have different levels of restrictions – including pre-arrival tests and in some cases your hotel is being limited to a certain number of days before the second test.

Given how few options remain for British holidaymakers, the airport test call couldn’t be more powerful.

There was some good news in the announcement although Scotland and Wales joined England to raise the 14-day quarantine requirement on those arriving from Crete, in addition to the Greek mainland and the Greek islands other than the Mykonos.

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