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Foreign trade: Ist, exports in April + 3.4% in the month, + 97.6% in the year

In April, economic growth is projected for two trade flows with foreign countries, more rapid for exports (+3.4%) than for imports (+1.9%). The monthly increase in exports is due to an increase in sales (+7.4%) in non-EU markets; The EU area recorded an implicit decline (-0.2%). In the quarter February-April 2021, compared to the previous one, exports grew by 4.2%, imports increased by 7.6%. On an annualized basis, after the exceptionally low levels of April 2020, export growth is exceptionally significant: +97.6%, +91.5% for sales in the EU region and +104 for non-EU .6%. Imports also show a very strong upward trend (+62.8%) relating to both the EU region (+69.2%) and non-EU markets (+54.9%). This is what East notes. In April 2021, there has been an exceptionally large increase in exports for all sectors; Only pharmaceutical, chemical-pharmacological and botanical goods sales declined (-11.3%). On an annual basis, exports to all major partner countries grow very strongly; The most significant contributions relate to sales to Germany (which grew by 76.9%), France (+116.6%), the United States (+112.5%), Spain (+120.8%), Switzerland (+86.9%) and the United Kingdom. . (+83.8%). During the first four months of 2021, the trend growth in exports (+19.8%) is primarily due to growth in sales of machinery and equipment NEC (+25.8%), base metals and metal products, excluding machinery and installations (+ 29.1%, automobiles (+62.0%), household appliances (+31.6%) and leather goods (+27.8%). The estimated trade balance in April 2021 is +5 870 million euros (in April 2020 it was -1,117) Net of energy products, the balance amounted to +8,719 million (it was +135 in April of the previous year). Finally, writes the statistical institute, in April, import prices rose by 0.9% and 8.3% on a monthly basis increased on an annual basis.

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