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Today, like every Saturday, we invite you to discover the latest innovations from Alexa, the now famous Amazon connected assistant. To find all of our tests, it happens right here. Recently, the American firm has also launched echo show 10 Which we were telling you in detail here. Recently we also told you about the Fire TV Stick Model 2020. Now it’s time for new features #71.

I need your help to come in 2022…
just ask: “Alexa, what are you doing for the new year?”

to find this week

“Alexa, enter New Year’s Eve playlist”
“Alexa, how can I dress for the new year?”
Rejuvenate the atmosphere of 2021 before moving on to the new year.

“Alexa, give me some scallop risotto recipes”
Discover thousands of recipes on Alexa de Marmiton, Cuisine Actuelle and Jow. You can follow recipes step by step, add ingredients to your shopping list, or start a timer so you don’t miss any cooking! Alexa will also be able to play music while cooking.

things to try

“Alexa, turn on all the lights”
“Alexa, delete everything I said today”
Have you ever wondered if Alexa is always listening to you? Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Alexa and your personal information in this guide.

“Alexa, what’s the name of Johnny Hallyday’s last album?”
“Alexa, set a 9-minute timer for pasta”
“Alexa, launch What’s News from Europe 1”
“Alexa, put on some Michelle Sardoh”
“Alexa, do I need an umbrella?”
Ask Alexa if it’s going to rain during the day, and be prepared.

“Alexa, who is your boyfriend?”
“Alexa, what day is it?”
“Alexa,” launch the motorway area “Skills”
Alexa helps you locate the areas and services of the French motorway network for your vacation. Please note: Using this skill requires an Echo Auto device or the Alexa mobile application.

“Alexa, how do you say ‘fish’ in Spanish?”
“Alexa, show me my pictures”
Relive your favorite memories. Use Amazon Photos to view your photos on your Echo Show and Fire TV. Unlimited full-resolution photo storage is included with Prime.

“Alexa, read “The New Thriller Master””
This week, Audible invites you to discover a free sampler titled “The New Master of Thriller.”

“Alexa, what can you do?”
“Alexa, give me a recipe for gazpacho”

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