Last Stop Reveals Six Minutes Video Gameplay

Announced about two years ago, The last stopThe new Virginia State studios took advantage of the Xbox ID Showcase, leaving Virginia behind without any changes, which ended a few hours earlier so that gameplay of less than six minutes could not be shown.

Teltale gameplay

Through this new video, We follow the journey of John and Jack, who have swapped their bodies in the wake of a mysterious supernatural event. In its pure gameplay, we feel the impact of the Telltale games with a strong narrative aspect and the multiple choices of dialogues that can give rise to multiple branches – which will remain verified for once -.

We will also pay attention Some phases of QTE, And it is a shame that we were not able to see the actual exploration footage. That said, the variable state title seems tempting at first glance, and we miss it in passing. The last stop Will drown us in today’s London.

We will incarnate Three different characters between Donna, John and Meena, Whose life will suddenly change as a result of mysterious supernatural events. It will be somewhere else Three interconnected stories, and playable in third person.

As a reminder, The last stop There is still no release date, and will be released on PC via Steam and Xbox One.

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