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It is a beautiful story as we like them. Midgar Studios is a Nemois studio that is a subcontinent to the other boxes. In 2013 he decided to start Kickstarter for a game of his own design, Age of Eternity, a pure JRPG strongly inspired by Final Fantasy. Kickstarter is so 2013 that it mentions Auya and Wii U as target platforms. But later an eighth of the requested amount was collected and flopped.

But a few months later, one of their Kickstarters is successful: Hover: Revolt of Gamers. Inspired by the jet set radio, the game will attract the attention of beloved villagers who will release the Steam version. Midgar will return to the charge in 2015, with a second Kickstarter for Edge of Eternity. This time they will be particularly successful on the soundtrack thanks to the presence of Yasunori Mitsuda, a renowned Japanese composer who has worked on JRPGs such as Chrono Cross or Exenograce.

Dear Villagers re-signed to release the game and it was released at the end of 2018 in Early Access on Steam. After a few more years of work, the final version is almost ready and will be released on PC in June and later on PS4 and XO. As Midgar points out, they started the game at 7am and now 11. The game is currently on sale on Steam and in the top 10 sales!

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