Language migration is becoming rare


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M. September, M. Bradshaw, L. soudre – France 3

France Television

The French Shun language lives in the United Kingdom. In question, the heavy administrative processes, since the imposition of Brexit.

During the school holidays, many young people want to go on a language tour. For a long time, the UK was the preferred destination. But Brexit went through it and the formalities became more complicated. In a class in Colmar (Haut-Rhine), an English teacher makes a final check before the big departure for Scotland. Since Brexit, students have needed a passport.

For a father, the steps of getting a passport on time were more than complicated. “I made all 31 communes of Haut-Rhin which were equipped with the appropriate equipment. The only appointment was in a commune an hour’s drive away”, he explains. If these college students are among the lucky ones, many establishments have abandoned their stay in the United Kingdom due to these formalities and the cost of passports.

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