Langon Hospital: First Kovid-19 Vaccination Center Open in South Gironde

A doctor is vaccinated against Kovid-19 at the new immunization center at Langone Hospital (Gironde).

Vaccination center Kovid From Sud-Gironde Hospital Langon ()Girond) Opened on Thursday 14 January at 1:30 pm, n ° 14, next to Rue des Frères Saint-Blancard, EHPAD Val de Brion.

Open to liberal health professionals

Welcomes it Generous Health Professionals From South Gironde, by appointment only.

And from Tuesday, January 19, 2021, it will be open to older people 75 years and over, Always by appointment. You have to register on the hospital website:, from this Thursday evening, until 14 January 2021.

On this Thursday, the center vaccinated about twenty health professionals. Sixty out of 250 people responded to the hospital invitation.

See you every 10 minutes

The center hosts appointments every 10 minutes. “We order Pfizer vaccine supplements in advance, based on appointments,” says Marie-Pierre Renon, deputy director of the Sud-Gironde Langone-La Rheol Hospital Center.

“A circuit has been established for vaccination,” says hospital director Patrick Faugerolls.

“In the reception area, a nursing assistant takes frequent, saturation and then medical consultation with a doctor in another room. A nurse vaccinates in a dedicated room. A quarter of an hour’s surveillance is ensured in the waiting room. “

Patrick Faugerolls, director of the Sud-Gironde Langone-La Rheol Hospital Center

“You’re angel fingers! “

“I was vaccinated not to pass the virus on to my patients and not to fall ill, except with gestures without hindrance, because it does not prevent Kovid from catching on, but it reflects that”, the general practitioner.

“You’re angel fingers! I didn’t feel anything, “another vaccinated doctor gives the nurse a slip.

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The Kovid-19 vaccination campaign began at the Sud-Gironde Hospital Center on Thursday, January 7, 2021, between EHPADs and hospital staff.

For those above 75 years of age, the vaccination campaign will begin on Tuesday 19 January 2021. Registration by appointment only on site:

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