Landing records in the United Kingdom, and London decides to pay Paris to stop the migrants

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21st July 2021 at 11:50 am

The UK is committed to preventing the illegal entry of migrants whose landings have never been seen before. In the first two days of this week, more than 700 people arrived on the English coast with makeshift boats, up from 287 yesterday and 430 on Monday, a record for a single day. At least 8,452 migrants have arrived from France since January, up from 8,417 total for the whole of 2020.


To try to put an end to this situation, British Secretary of State for the Interior Priti Patel last night signed a new agreement with her French counterpart. gerland darminin, under which London will provide €62.7 million more than Paris in an effort to prevent migrants from leaving the French coast. On top of the £25 million paid last year, the number of policemen patrolling French beaches will double to nearly 200 in an effort to stop smugglers from organizing cross-Channel trips. Pay about 3 thousand euros per person. Average for a journey of hope that often ends in tragedy. Under the agreement, Paris will not only expand police presence but also use surveillance technology over a large area of ​​the northern coast of France and London hopes to increase the number of people before they reach British waters. 80 percent.

Coast Guard in distress

“The last 24 hours have not been normal. The Navy, the Coast Guard and many fishing vessels have been involved in the recovery of migrants at sea because of their obligation to help ships in distress,” said Patel, herself the daughter of refugees welcomed by the United Kingdom in the 1960s. That border army is in trouble, is an understatement. Not only those working at sea are seriously overloaded, but also those who work on land,” he said.

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pressure on migrants

stop the boats before they come for the government boris johnson, which has made the fight against irregular immigration one of its flags, is now even more important because with Brexit, strongly desired by the premier, Great Britain is no longer part of the Dublin regulation and therefore EU members say that They are no longer obliged to accept refugees entering Europe through their territory. Yet to curb illegal entries, Westminster is discussing reforms to asylum law and plans to increase prison sentences for immigrants who enter the country illegally and serve life sentences – From the current 14 years imprisonment – Maximum punishment imposed on smugglers.

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