Lamborghini Aventador Surprised In Replacement Test!

It won’t arrive until 2023, but the first prototypes are starting their battery of open road tests. The first images show a familiar figure, but the changes are clearly visible.

No rest for carsporters: As soon as a novelty points to the tip of the camouflage, they are there to immortalize it. This Italian supercar is the replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador that this time our photographers removed and if The Silhouette is essentially a Lamborghini V12. exposesWe can expect a major change in the look.

The door windows on the prototype seem a bit high, while The shape of the doors (which still seem to open vertically) has also been reworked. Mirrors are also more streamlined and have less attachment. Despite the dense camouflage, we can also see Low air intake, while the line of the body that overhangs them also drags the rear fenders. It is the Deller at the stern that we can see the most visible changes: the exhaust leaves no doubt in the form of the presence of a large block under the hood!

a hybrid V12 or nothing

Two giant hexagonal cannulae actually hide four round tailpipes generously sized, while the whole is held very high, suggesting a Aggressive diffuser. A real change compared to the Aventador, of which only the state-of-the-art SVJ and Ultimai versions deserved the exhaust placed in a higher condition. This is in any case a good omen for mechanics, who Must be plug-in hybrid V12 If we believe the statements of the brand’s CEO Stefan Winkelmann. It is too early to say what the power of the car will be, its electric range or even what it will cost, when we don’t even know its name! But we should learn more in the coming months, when Italians will be less furious.

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Published on 21/12/2021 Updates 21/12/2021

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