Lady Di-Film: Kristen Stewart played Princess Diana in “Spencer”

Potsdam – Head Tour: On Thursday and Friday, the film “Spencer” will be shot at Marquardt Palace – with Kristen Stewart in the lead role. The American star was known for the vampire saga “Twilight”. Stewart is now playing the famous princess Diana in “Spencer”.

Marquardt Castle.Photo: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich

Castle manager Christian Schulz confirmed to PNN that the American film star and the film’s team should be on site for two days of shooting at Marquardt Palace. First, Märkische Allgemeine reported on the upcoming shoot. This is not the first shoot in Potsdam for a Los Angeles actress: In 2018 she was in front of the camera for a remake of “Charlize Angels” in Babelsburg.

Actress Kristen Stewart at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in Fall 2019. Photo: Nathan Dennett / Canadian Press via AP / DPA

Marquardt Castle is always a backdrop

“Our palace is a very popular film location,” Schulz said. Over the years, scenes from “Bridge of Spice”, a docudrama about the failed Hitler assassination, and music videos for Rottstein, Scooter and Andrea Berg have been filmed at the castle north of Potsdam. According to PNN information, an outdoor shooting at Marquardt Castle may be planned for a later date of “Spencer”.

Park at Marquardt Castle.Photo: Andreas Claire

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“Spencer” – named after Princess Diana’s first name – illuminates the 1991 Christmas holiday at the Sandringham Country estate in Norfolk. In these days Lady Di decides to partner with Prince Charles. According to distributor DCM’s PR agency, Berlin Press Office, the film will premiere in 2022 on the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death anniversary. “Spencer gives us a deeply and emotionally charged idea of ​​what point Diana was in her life,” Kristen Stewart is quoted in the press release for the film, which also includes Marsevert’s Hayes and Great Britain’s Schlosshotel Aronberg . .

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Oscar nominated director

In addition to Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall (“Mr. Turner – Master of Light”), Sally Hawkins (“Shape of Water”) and Sean Harris (“Mission: Impossible”) are in front of the camera.

Actress Sally Hawkins.Photo: / Hannah MCK / DPA

The director is Chili Pablo Laraine, whom Jackie Kennedy and “No!” Known among other things for “Jackie: The First Lady”, she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Chilean film director, producer and screenwriter Pablo Larin.Photo: Mike Wolfe

The screenplay is of Steven Knights Penn, whose film “Dirty Pretty Things” was also nominated for an Oscar.

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