LadBaby takes number one Christmas for the fourth year in a row

LadBaby won Christmas number one 2021, her fourth consecutive win that broke the record held by The Beatles and the Spice Girls.

Ladbaby’s “Sausage Rolls for Everyone”, featuring Ed Sheeran and Elton John, has sold over 136,000 charts.

The pastry-loving couple – Mark Hoyle and his wife Roxanne – also achieved Christmas numbers in 2018, 2019 and 2020 – meaning they now have a longer back-to-back Christmas number than The Beatles and the Spice Girls There is a streak, they had three. in a row.

It’s a Good Christmas for Elton and Ed, whose track “Merry Christmas” also came in at number two.

A pair of Christmas columns – “Last Christmas” by Wham and the ubiquitous “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey – peaked at number three and fourth, respectively.

credit: Rocket Entertainment

The decidedly non-festive “Boris Johnson Is Still AF***ing C***” kunt finished at number five.

Celebrating their win, LadBaby told “Thank you, thank you to the general public of the UK, to everyone in this country who downloaded and streamed this song last week. You are all ultimate legends. .

“Thank you for helping us increase visibility, fundraise and promote Trussell Trust, UK food banks and support the 14 million people in this country who live below the line of positivity. We couldn’t. without you. ,

Ladbaby had previously exchanged harsh words with his rivals for the top spot of the Kunts festival.

He said, “Sure – it takes a certain type of person to upload a song in the title, but you never know.

“There’s definitely an element that people are not happy with this government, but our song is for charity – I don’t think theirs is – and our effort is trying to raise more money for food banks than ever before.

“It’s even more important given all that is happening.”

This prompted The Kunts to confirm that the group made a major donation to ‘Mind and Cardiac Risk in the Young’ following the success of their latest attempt at Christmas number one – ‘Boris Johnson is a f***ing c’. *** Is’ .

The statement, shared with The Independent, said: “Regarding Mark Hoyle’s comments that ‘downloading a song in the title requires a certain type of person’, I completely agree with him.

“It takes the kind of person who is willing to look beyond the lukewarm diarrhea to be inserted into the consciousness of the people through television, radio and tabloid newspapers.

“The kind of person who is dressed, stands up for what they believe in and condemns the government for its lies, cover-ups and corruption.

credit: Instagram / @kuntandthegang

credit: Instagram / @kuntandthegang

“The kind of person who can see that it was the conservative policies of selfishness, misery, and deprivation that caused this country to need food banks in the first place.”

“Let’s be clear, we won’t stop to use poverty, hunger and despair to fuel our careers, as we think Ladbaby did in this year’s number one Christmas campaign.”

Well, whatever you think of LadBaby’s politics or musical talent, it seems that most of the UK audience is behind them as they dominate the Christmas charts.

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