Lace Turner and Jesse Wallace of East Enders weep as they remember the devastating death.

Lace Turner and Jesse Wallace of East Enders weep as they remember the devastating death.

Eastenders actresses Lace Turner and Jesse Wallace shed tears Thursday night from the Spin Off Series Secrets of the Square.

The pair were asked to watch a heartbreaking scene from the past, which left them in tears because of the bond with the co-star.

In the scene, much-loved Charlie Slater dies of a heart attack after Kat Moon, the character of Jesse, leaves the hysterical.

Stacey Fowler actress Lacey first started to cry before JCO became emotional when she revealed this moment.

Their bond with former co-star Derek Martin brought tears to their eyes, they are still in touch.

East Enders Lace Turner and Jesse Wallace were allowed to cry with secrets from the square

It was Charlie’s final scene in a fight with his daughter Kat, who suffered a sudden heart attack and died before an ambulance could arrive.

After a quarrel between father and daughter, they arrange peace in the scene just seconds before Charlie dies.

As soon as the scene unfolded, the camera went back to the two stars who fought to see it.

Charlie Slater died in 2016

Lace Turner left in tears

Jesse first avoided the screen before looking at his troubled co-star Lacey.

As the scene ended, both actresses wiped away their tears before explaining their reaction.

Lacey said: “It’s very hard to see,” Jesse identifies Derry as the father of both with the set.

Jesse Wallace fought tears on the show

Actress Kat Moon struggled to revisit the scene

Stacey actress Lacey added: “It’s really hard to see an older person die, because obviously when you get older you get scared.”

Jesse told host Stacey Dolly: “Just a nice, lovely man. Really funny, caring and a great actor.”

Lacey said: “He’s looking at us like our girls and still he’ll call us.”

EastEnders returns to BBC One on Monday September.

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