Labor shortage in Britain: Thousands of butchers missing

The British Army is called in on Monday to ensure the supply of service stations to UK in fuel. This situation is the result of shortage of truck drivers which is presently prevalent across the channel. a shortage of manpower Which affects other professional fields as well. this is especially the case Butcher Shop.

Short of festive food for Christmas?

English daily The Times by British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) 1Is October, this area is currently lacking 15,000 butchersThere is a growing fear of a shortage of traditional products for Christmas. The region was thus forced to focus on supplying supermarkets with basic cuts of meat. “We really should have produced Christmas food from June or July, but so far this has not happened,” the BMPA representative remarked in the English newspaper. As a result, he warned that there would be a “lack of festive foods such as bacon-rolled sausages”, a popular holiday dish in Britain.

pigs that will not be eaten

What’s worse is that it’s quite the waste to be expected. According to the National Farmers Association, the shortage of butchers may be due toslaughter of 150,000 pigs in the next ten days. These animals “won’t enter the food chain” because, lacking enough manpower to process the meat, they will be “consumed” or “thrown in the garbage”, underlined National Pig President Rob Mutimer. Association, on the British news channel BBC News.

To deal with this crisis, Britain is considering issuing visas to foreign butchers. “Ministers are discussing plans to ease visa restrictions to allow 1,000 foreign butchers to enter the country,” The Times said.

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