La Rochelle must avoid cold showers

Last edition’s finalists and off to a good start this year, Stade Rochelles has no room for error at home, against Bath, at the bottom of the English championship.

A daily life constantly turned upside down by the vagaries of Covid. When it came to returning to the Champions Cup, Stade Rochelles, like other professional teams, had to deal with canceled or postponed matches and positive cases within their staff. We adapt as we can, trying to be positive. Last week, the Maritimes match in Toulon was postponed due to several issues between the Veroes. It will finally be played on Saturday 19 March, during the Six Nations tournament, we learned on Friday. “It is a shame that it was postponed, we had prepared well for this match. we were hopeless. But we accept because it’s the same rule for everyone.” La Rochelle manager Ronan O’Gara says.

These fifteen days without playing, at least, would have deserved to give some relief to the players. “We have not changed our schedule. It’s also a chance to take some rest, especially for players like Unique (atonio) and peter (Bourgarit), Irish technicians agree. The Maritimes’ last match before the start of the year was when La Rochelle lost on the lawn to Castres (31–30), falling after a 24–3 lead in the last moments. “This defeat hit my head, Accepts international prostitute Pierre Bourgarit. We were able to bite, so much better. but if we have to play (against the tool), we would have done it. We “switched” to something else and got back to work.

Is the European Cup any less beautiful this year? Last year, we won one (group) match and qualified

Pierre Bourgarita

So again with the European Cup. A competition where Rochelle now enjoys the status of European vice-champion. After their win over Glasgow in the opening and their green carpet draw against Bath, Stade Rochelles (fourth in Pool A) are in a favorable position to qualify. Voices were raised against this version of the Continental Games (Christophe Urios, Camille López) that would and would not be perverted “more sensible“These matches were canceled and these others were postponed and then the draw was decided. “Is this year the European Cup less beautiful? Last year we won a game (of chicken) and we deserve Recalls Pierre Bourgarit, citing a similar case of UBB. Of course, this is weird. The EPCR decisions make some happy, others angry. We still have a chance to qualify and we will do everything for it.

It will go through a breakthrough against Bath this Saturday at Delflandre. Fourth time would be good: last year, two clashes with this English team were cancelled, as was the first leg of this season. On paper, the wrong move for Stade Rochelis against the bottom of the English Premiership (13th and last with only 10 points). Disbelief, however, was aroused by Bath last weekend by signing his first win of the season against Worcester. “It’s weird, I grew up in Ireland and Bath was one of the biggest teams in England and Europe. It’s hard to understand their background and how they got there. They won their first game last weekend. It’s many It’s a team with big names. And I told my players, I don’t want them to play their best game against us., warns Ronan O’Gara.

The goal is to get better week by week. But not this season

ronan o’gar

The same distrust in favor of Pierre Bourgarit: “Things are not working out for them so far. But maybe one day he will come back. This is a team that we do not take lightly at all. Stade Rochelles – which has had its ups and downs this season – focuses on what he needs to do, what he needs to improve his game. “Between us, we don’t talk about winning. But what do we have to do to get there.” Underlines the manager of the marine time. The La Rochelle Pack is still doing just as much damage, the defense is well, but the back could be more efficient. “The goal is to get better week after week. But it’s not like that this season. Recognizes O’Gara. We have 20 matches left to improve. I am sure the forward and three-quarters can play well together very soon.”

Another problem for the Maritimes: the return of the gauge to 5,000 people in stadiums. No – or very little – fervent support from the La Rochelle public. Last year, almost behind closed doors, that didn’t stop Bryce Dulin and his teammates from lighting up the Irish from Leinster, in the semi-finals of the European Cup. There, even if they lack confidence, the Bath Englishmen must indulge and send the game without counting, they have no choice. “It will be a game that has a lot of rhythm, a lot of speed, reassure ronan o’gar, But we like this playing position. Be careful, though, not to trip over the carpet.

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